Thursday, September 27, 2012

Victoria's Secret Racist: ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!

After a long hiatus from blog writing, re-evaluating things, enjoying the rest of the summer, I decided to write a little something about this Victoria's Secret issue.

I am a huge Victoria's Secret shopper. I shop for my shower gels, body lotions, body mists, etc from Victoria's Secret. I wear only Victoria's Secret "secrets". Victoria's Secret makes every woman feel sexy, even women like myself who is a size 14 with delicious curves. Victoria's Secret give women that sex appeal that we want to feel. Some women even feel motivated when they see the ultra- skinny fun models walk the runway.
Oh please don't act like you don't feel some type of motivation to workout, eat healthy or not, when you watch them at their fashion show they have every year at the beginning of December.
Okay maybe you don't.

But they have signature lingerie that are must haves for most women. But Victoria's Secret has come under fire because of their "Go East" Geisha theme lingerie. They are being accused of racism.


Showing the lingerie in another's culture is considered racist, REALLY! People can be so sensitive. What about other lingerie from other lingerie sites who have different lingerie from other cultures or better yet costume lingerie like form "Fredricks of Hollywood". You can live out your lingerie fantasy there too. This isn't the freaking 50's and 60's. If I want to put on a Geisha lingerie, a nurse outfit, a police officer outfit with handcuffs as my accessory, or a short Chinese chenongsam with a fan to hide half of my face to role play with my husband, then I can and wouldn't feel like a racist.
Oh but wait, according to you I'm being racist because if I wear a nurse costume I'm giving off the idea that all nurses are seen as sex objects, or female police officers are seen as a dominatrix.

Stop being so sensitive over something that is so minor, and petty such as lingerie!
It's nothing tasteless about the Victoria's Secret Geisha lingerie. Maybe you need some spice in your life. Maybe Fifty Shades of Gray and Zane books aren't cutting it for you. Maybe you need some Geisha lingerie in your life. Also maybe you need to look up the definition for racism. Here let me help you:

Racism: 1. A belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races; usually involving the idea that one's own RACE is superior and has the right to rule others
             2. Hatred or intolerance of another race or other races

Hmmm, sounds as though these sensitive people need a vocabulary lesson.

Victoria's Secret has taken down the Geisha lingerie from their site and is no longer available:(
I only wish I bought one before they took it off the site.