Tuesday, July 31, 2012

When is enough, enough?

When is enough, enough?
I see so many women and men too, on television, hear their stories on the radio and even from my own friends, who would go back to their cheating partners. I don't get it. Why settle for someone who doesn't have respect for you? Aren't they good enough to find someone else who will treat them as they should be treated, with respect.

Now let me say this first, this is in regards to the women and men who are faithful, who doesn't dress like pimps and whores and are independent. Women who flaunt their assets all over the web and out in public have already degraded themselves. But when a woman or a man who go back to their cheating partner they have degraded themselves as well. Their cheating partner wins them over with the sweet talk, the sad sorry, begging for forgiveness on their knees and say that they're willing to do anything to make things right. Some would even go to the extent of buying them jewelry,( if they had the money). Okay granted most of them would take their partner back. Lol, I took back an ex when I found out he was cheating. Of course I wised up a few moths later.

But when is enough, enough?
How many times do women and men have to get the picture that their cheating partner isn't worth their time and energy. Will it be when someone gets pregnant (some will still take them back), will it be when they are finally embarrassed in front of friends or family or will it be when they catch a sexually transmitted disease? Some women and men feel as though they can change their partner. You can't change anybody. They have to be willing and want to change for themselves. If they have someone who they are trying to change, then they aren't the one they should be with. But that's another topic.

One male friend I know says that a woman would give them reasons to cheat when the nagging starts, her unattractiveness shows itself and when he feels as if he's talking to his mother. They don't have time for all of that. Women are needy creatures but when their neediness become unbearable, it's time to step elsewhere.

But why step elsewhere, when you can leave the person and find better. Psychologists will have a woman a and man look back into their past and analyze their relationship with their mother or father. Most of the time childhood play a big part in our adult life.

But when is enough, enough?
How many times do they have to use an entire box of tissue for their tears, flood their pillows with painful cries and get drunk with friends or by themselves to realize their self value. That they don't need a anybody to complete them. That they can do better than the cheating scum they keep taking back.

First, they have to stop lying to themselves. Most people are in denial and when they find out their partner is cheating, they can't accept it so they take them back.
Second, they have to realize their self worth. Women and men are valuable. They need to have enough respect for themselves to not tolerate the garbage that is dished out.
Third, they have to be strong. They have to be strong enough to say enough is enough.

Eventually, they will realize that they had enough.