Thursday, October 4, 2012

His Total Recall

Are you going to read Arnold Schwarengger's book "Total Recall"? I would read it if it wasn't 656 pages and if I couldn't watch this kind of story unfold on Maury, The Steve Wilkos Show or Bill Cunningham Show. It's nothing new about a man or woman airing out their dirty laundry. It happens everyday. You read about it on all social networks, celebrity gossip columns and gossip within the family.

Arnold is bringing out his secrets now because his wife Maria along with the world knows about his child from "the help". If no one knew about it or if Maria didn't have her suspicious, Arnold would of kept this secret hidden just like his other secrets he hid from his wife, such as a serious heart surgery and running for Governor of California. How in the world can someone hide a heart surgery? Dang Arnold, you're good.

During his interview on 60 minutes, he refused to go into details concerning if had a relationship with "the help" because he doesn't want to cause further pain with his family.
HEY GENIUS... you already did that when you had a child with "the help" and decided to write a tell-all-book. Arnold says that he keep secrets within himself. So, why would he write a tell-all-book? I don't get it.

So why now?
Why broadcast his secrets now? 

Is it his way of cleansing his soul?
Maybe he wants to come clean so he can stay single for the rest of his life. Wait, then again there are desperate females out there who would date him. Remember now, he was a body builder and still have a well defined body that still have females to this day raise their eyebrows. ( Not bad for a guy in his 60's huh.)

But you know what, I have to give Arnold enormous credit for actually writing his tell-all-book. Not many people would tell you their deep dark secrets of their past. It does take a man to admit his faults and accept ALL consequences for his actions but it takes a real man to avoid those harmful and/or hurtful acts that will hurt his family to the core.