Thursday, November 1, 2012

My view on Hurricane Sandy in Central New Jersey

Hurricane Sandy hit us Jerseyans as an unimaginable storm. I live in Orange, NJ borderline West Orange, Montclair and Glen Ridge. I was like so many other people who didn't take the hurricane too seriously. I giggled at people rushing to the supermarkets on Saturday, October 27th stacking up on batteries, candles, can goods, fruit and tons of cases of water. I always make sure my home have cases of water and perishables if anything would ever arise. But on this day, I only needed three cases of water not knowing what Hurricane Sandy had in mind.

On Sunday morning, October 28th, I chose not to go to my home church in Rahway, New Jersey (Agape Family Worship Center) so I can have the perfect parking spot away from leaning trees. I had to follow my gut feeling. I played games and watched movies with my son and watched Sunday's service online. The clouds began to thicken, but I continued to look at Hurricane Sandy as a regular storm.

On Monday, October 29th, things began to take a turn for the worse. I had to make a quick run to a nearby CVS for some toiletries. The wind was intense. I remember while I was at a red light, I felt the wind shake my 2009 Toyota Corolla. I just laughed saying out loud, "Really, it's that serious." Yes it was that serious. Hurricane Sandy hit us with a mighty Mike Tyson TKO punch Monday night. I remember when I first got scared and became worried. As I was napping on my sofa in the living room, I heard a loud bang on my window behind me. When I opened my eyes, I saw Freddy Kruger laughing at me on my television screen. The wind and rain was pounding on my window. I looked out my window and saw the tree that is in front of my house began to sway. My heart jumped to my throat clogging my air waves. I quickly turned to the news to get an update. At 7 pm Sandy didn't hit landfall yet and we were already seeing her tormenting us. I sat on my love seat, not wanting to be near my sofa by the large window, hugging and rocking myself, as my son was in his room playing his PS 3 and my mother was sleeping in a bedroom. I went into his room to let him know that we may lose electricity so make sure all of his electronics are fully charged as I did the same thing. As the night went on the "unthinkable storm" got worse. I heard limbs of trees falling on the roof and trees falling all around. It sounded like a war zone outside my door. I didn't sleep that night. I began to hear about people losing electricity. I began to pray. At that point that's all I could do. I never prayed so hard and so long in my life. I kept praying for family and friends but mainly of individuals stories I would hear on the news concerning lost of life and lost of their homes. Then I heard of the news in New York where hospitals lost power and had to transport their patients to other area hospitals but had a hard time because of the flooding and had to remove the patients one by one down stairways. Then it was the story of a house that was on fire but firefighters couldn't get to the house because of the high waters, down trees and power lines. So the fire began to spread burning down hundreds of homes in New York. Photos of Hurricane Sandy in New York

By Tuesday morning, October 30th, Hurricane Sandy had sped up her demented anger. I never lost electricity nor did my lights flicker through her anger. But as the sun rose I saw the tearful and heart drenching image of her remains. What I saw angered me to the fullest. I'm not a violent person but I wanted to split Hurricane Sandy's neck, gut her like a fish then burn her until her ashes are no more. She left thousands my Jerseyans without homes in South Jersey. She demolished the Jersey Shore lit it was a piece of garbage, flinging it into the Atlantic Ocean. She caused the Atlantic Ocean to reshape New Jersey separating lands and drowning towns. I even saw the strength of her power when a tanker ship toss on land miles from the ocean. Fifty foot of Atlantic City's boardwalk was ripped up. I never imagined the magnitude of this storm. I didn't think it would be this bad but it was. My mother and I walked outside to survey the damage. Trees were pulled form the roots in the yards in surrounding areas and there was also a tree that fell in front of my car. Thankfully, my car wasn't damaged. But my heart and thoughts was with those who weren't very fortunate. Where homes once stood, there is now a vacant lot or a crumbled house. Where there once was streets and roads, it's now flooded with water, sand, trees and down wires. Where there were train tracks, there are nor rocks and debris because the tracks were lifted and scattered in Jersey, or maybe New York or floating in the Atlantic Ocean. I didn't sleep again that night because I kept praying for my Jerseyans and New Yorkers.  Photos of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey

But by Wednesday, October 31st, I experienced something breath-taking. As hardcore, unbeatable New Jerseyans and New Yorkers are, people began to move on with their lives. I saw neighbors helping each other clean front yards and clear road ways. Little by little people was getting electricity and babies were being born in hospitals and homes, bringing forth new life. That Northern hope began to take presence. New Jerseyans and new Yorkers were not backing down. We began to fight back with our hope and faith.

Toady, Thursday, November 1st, I now see people going back to work. Children are still out of school, thousands are still without electricity and miles and miles of cars are lining up for gas because 80% of gas stations in New Jersey doesn't have power. But we're still alive Hurricane Sandy!!!! We're stronger than you!! We may have to rebuild and it may take a many months or years but you didn't win. In two weeks electricity will be restored and by Thanksgiving we will have more to be thankful for. By Christmas, the magic of New Jersey and New York will be felt and seen all over the world. New Year's Day, we will leave all things behind only to look ahead to the summer months at the Jersey Shore, shows in Atlantic City, our mini Las Vegas. A year from Monday, October 29th, we will look back at the destruction but smile brighter and bigger because we rose back on top.

But until then......we have work to do and it WILL GET DONE.

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