Friday, December 25, 2015

Goodbye Christmas! Seriously, Goodbye.

Merry Christmas!

Today is Christmas! How was your Christmas? My Christmas was relaxing. My boyfriend of some even years had to work like so many others who are drivers for mass transit. But I want to know how long did your Christmas last? My Christmas lasted for about 30 minutes. It took about an half an hour for my son, my boyfriend and I to open all our gifts. Yup, after all the gifts are open Christmas is over. Oh it's true. After all the clean up of wrapping paper, bows and open boxes are thrown away, Christmas is over.

After hours of shopping and wrapping the gifts and anticipating the joy and excitement on your loved ones faces, BAM its over. Just that quick. Then the aftermath of thoughts when you realize that you spent some nice cash for loved ones to get maybe the sweater you'll return tomorrow, the gift card at the store that you shop from or some odd color piece of clothing that you wear as pjamas or re-gift as a later present for someone's birthday.

Sure, sure, sure, it's the thought that counts but let's be honest, you're kicking yourself for being so nice. (BTW... my boyfriend hooked me up with 3rd row seats to a Janet Jackson concert, clothing from Victoria Secrets and a Exquiste tea set that I've been eyeing for the past year....standing ovation to him)
So to wrap this up, what was learned from Christmas: We know what to get that person who got us the "nice" gift, next year... a Visa gift card and after all the gifts are open, Christmas is over. See you next year Christmas. It was an awesome 30 minutes..... At least it last longer than........ ;)


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