Friday, January 8, 2016

Bill Cosby: Gulity but Innocent?

Everybody loved America's favorite dad. Some still love America's favorite dad and still considers him as the such, America's Dad. Then there are others who dislike and have turned their backs on him. Bill Cosby's reputation has become tarnished in the last two years. And it all began with a comedian name Hannibal Buress who made reference to Bill Cosby's rape allegations. This guy will always be known as the guy who outed Bill Cosby.... oh the stigma.

Almost 50 women came forward confessing that Mr. Cosby had raped them. Mr. Cosby did confessed saying that he gave women Quads back in the day. But let's explore that phrase back in the day for a moment. Back in the day, during the 1960s, 70s and early 80s and even now, drug usage, promiscuous sex and alcohol was all the rave. During this time, drug usage was a serious problem in America. Studio 54 was even one of the hottest and most popular club in NYC that entertained many celebrities. And many celebrities even said that Studio 54 had the drug of your choice. There was even a secret room where celebrities would go to, to do drugs and have sex. It was said that during that time, asking someone if they "Want to pop one" was the same thing as saying "Do you want a drink?" We have the 2016 mind set but let's go back to that time, partying with celebrities, feeling and getting high, smoking and enjoying life....Yeah, you'll get hooked too! Don't act like you won't because all of your morals would go out the door. (Just like those who sign waivers to party with celebrities at their homes today. No one knows what goes.) But with Bill Cosby, a famous, successful, young comedian, that was his life on the road just like any other comedian, actor, and rock star.

Now yes, he also took it a step further by letting them "enter his home", which I personally find it hard to believe. A married man wouldn't bring a potential hit and quick it to his home. Unless he has the guts to pull something as stupid as that off. Now Mr. Cosby was wrong on ALL levels don't get me wrong. He even admit that he was wrong. And to the "AUTHENTIC" victims wo was truly victimized by Mr. Cosby, they have nothing but sympathy from me and others and deserve their voices to be heard. But those who just want their 15 minutes or 10 seconds of fame need to have several seats and should be ashamed of themselves because being a victim of ANY type of rape is nothing to lie about.

What I do find quite disturbing and utterly upsetting is that they removed ALL of the Cosby Shows off the air. The Cosby Show was one of the most positive African American TV shows shown on television. Every Thursday night, I waited to watch the Cosby Show to get a good laugh, a good moral, to see what black love looks like, and to see two successful parents raising a family. Television stations removed the shows after the allegations became out of hand. Now before Cosby was the center of attention another actor name Stephen Collins who played the picture perfect pastor Eric Camden, with a picture perfect family on a show called "7th Heaven" was in the spotlight. He was heard confessing, recorded by his now ex-wife, to molesting minors... MINORS.... That word is plural!!!! Right then people said the show needed to be removed and the show was removed but within weeks later the show was back on the air under the radar. The shows are still being shown on networks today. (The picture below was taken by me today at my home. Take note that it will air again on Monday at 2pm on UP)

So let me get this straight, Mr. Cosby said he gave women Quads, although it was casual and they were ADULTS and the Cosby Show gets taken off the air BUT Stephen Collins who was recorded confessing, SAYING that he molested MINORS, show is still being played on air. That's not right AT ALL!!! I can sit here and pull the race card on this and have every right to pull the race card but I'm not. Wrong is wrong and if The Cosby Show has been pulled off the air, including on demand, Netflix and Hulu then the same should happen for 7th Heaven. Both shows show a positive look on a family that everyone watched. One was black and one was white. I'm not going to go into the spill of the race issue...I'm not... although I should and will but not in this post.

If the Cosby Show is off the air so should 7th Heaven. I miss the Cosby Show. I miss having a good laugh. Every time the show was on I watched it, especially on Sundays when they always had a little marathon on TV Land. Hopefully they will put the shows back on air just like they did with 7th Heaven. Until then enjoy my favorite Cosby episode.

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