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Quick review of a FEW things in pop culture from 2015

2015 was a great year! Just like any year we experience highs and lows, the birth of new babies and passing of  loved ones, new jobs and promotions and layoffs and being FIRED! But with many obstacles we've endured another year. 2015 was full of laugher and new things and new phrases. There were so many things that happened in 2015 but some things will always be remembered. Here's a look back at some things of 2015.


Kanye West did a musical collaboration with Paul McCartney titled "Only One". This was really funny because a lot of the younger crowd didn't know who Paul McCartney was. They didn't know he was in one of the biggest group in the world named The Beatles. This was one of the top singles in the incoming new year.
*The top movies were American Sniper and Selma. Both movies were outstanding in it's own right. American Sniper reminded us on the daily war that our soldiers are fighting for us and the dedication that they endure. The movie Selma showed us the struggle that African Americans had to go through for voting rights with the epic march from Selma to Montgomery Alabama.

*Record Producer and Executive Suge Knight was arrested on murder charges after he was involved in a hit and run. His dominant bad boy bully behavior has finally caught up with him. But I guess that was all a cover up because after his arrest he tried everything to not go to prison from telling the judge he was suffering my blindness and having a possible brain tumor. After his $25 million dollar bail was announced it was said that he collapsed in court. But yet he was the one who put the fear of him and his intimidating behavior in many people in the record industry.

*And then there is Bruce Jenner...or should I say WAS. Bruce Jenner decided to become a woman. He is now known as Caitlyn Jenner. Bruce said he always felt like he should have been born a woman. So at the age of 67 he decided to become a transgender. But I must say this, NO born-as-a-man will ever know what he truly feels like to be a woman.


*Musical genius Pharrell Williams did it again with his hit song, "Happy". This song had people up and moving. Putting a smile on people faces and giving us a reminder of just being HAPPY. His song "Happy" has been played all around the world sparking numerous of people making their own "Happy" video. This song has been a hit all year.
*And on a sad note: we lost Bobbi Kristina Brown who was found face down in a filled bathtub at her Georgia home. What makes this even crazier is that she was found the same way her mother Whitney Houston was found in her hotel room. And we also loss Leonard Nimoy "Mr. Spock". He passed away at the age of 83. I must say, he did "live long and prospered."


*The new top single that is still being played, but not as much as "Happy" is Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars "Uptown Funk". This was another song  that got people up and moving. When the first beat drop you can't help but move. "I kiss myself cause I'm so pretty, hot damn."

*But as Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars was celebrating all the way to the bank, Robin Thicke and Pharrell had to pay Marvin Gaye's family $7.3 million dollars for copyright infringement. This was quite a blow for Robin Thicke after the public humiliation he put on himself and his wife. But the music duo isn't giving up without a fight. They are set for a re-trial.......more to come in 2016.

*Angelina Jolie had removed both of breasts because of high risk of breast cancer that runs rapidly in her family. She had told the public that she had more preventive surgery done by having her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed in hopes of reducing her risk of cancer. Sometimes a woman have to do the unthinkable to keep herself healthy for her family. I know this must have been a hard decision for her or any woman that have cancer that run rapid in their family.


*The top song goes along with the top movie. Bringing in the spring season the Fast and Furious series continued in Paul Walker's memory. Furious 7 was a great send off movie for Paul Walker. His untimely death was shocking and painful to so many fans, friends, and family. The top song was on the movie's soundtrack. Wiz Khalifa's "See You Again" featuring Charile Puth had touched the hearts of many and stayed in rotation on the radio. This was an outstanding send off.

*The game show The Price is Right messed up and gave away a free car by mistakingly exposing the winning selection. I wish I was that contestant. Oh and the model kept her job...accidents happen, RIGHT STEVE HARVEY.

*Dircetor JJ Abrams announced the showing of the long awaited movie: Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Every Star Wars fan went crazy that day. Even myself. It was going to be released on my birthday weekend. It was going to be a great birthday indeed.


*Not the song we would imagine but it was very catchy. And Mr. Fetty Wap didn't disappoint. His hit song "Trap Queen" quickly rose to the charts. A song about your girl cooking drugs for you....not my kind of tea but apparently everyone was hooked, literally.

*NBC had removed Brain Williams from the nightly news because basically he lied. Journalism 101 use the word allegedly and don't say you were there when you wasn't........And moving on.

*David Letterman had said goodbye to his show after hosting for 33 years as a late night host. Ok, truth here, I've never watched David Letterman and was offered to attend who one the shows. I turned it down because "it just wasn't my thing". Hey, I was young.

*The great B. B. King had passed away at the age of 83. "The Thrill is Gone" singer song until he couldn't get out the bed and sing no more. We had also lost Reynaldo Rey an actor was played in many numerous roles in "Friday", "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka", and "White Men Can't Jump".

*June was slow month... A very slow month.... Diddy was arrested by UCLA police department for an altercation on his son's campus. He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon when someone said he threated to it someone with a kettlebell weight.... Bad Boy for Life

*Finally we have a top song!! The Weeknd's song "Can't Fell my Face" was the summer hit. Many people didn't know if he was referring to a woman or drugs. Once again drugs has come out on top in a song....SIGH

*Subway announced it had ended its relationship with Jared Fogle after he was found guilty on child pornography charges. DISGUSTING!!!!!

*Bill Cosby had admitted to giving prescription Quads to give to women he wanted to have sex with. There are so many things I can say about this. But I will discuss this at a later date.


*The new top song of the month was "Cheerleader" by OMI. Finally a song without the glorified of drugs. It has a nice island feel to it.

*The biggest movie to hit and end the summer was "Staright Outta Compton"!!!!! This is how the rap culture of the West Coast got started. It was great to relive the awesome moments and memories. I remember my father banning me from listening to their songs because of their violence towards the police. My dad was a police officer, so I can understand his feelings. But like many children, when there is a will, there is a way. I found my way to listen to the head nodding, truth-in-lyrics rap every chance I got. In it's opening weekend it had made $56 million dollars.


*Another slow month in pop culture...

*Billboard said that OMI Cheerleader was the song of the summer! I do agree with that. Although there were so many other songs. Whatever song that made you feel good and move, that was your song of the summer.

*A former radio personality had filed a lawsuit against Taylor Swift saying that he lost his job after being accused of inappropriately touching her during a photo shoot. I guess we'll see how this play out in 2016.


*Hotline Bling was the ULITIMATE song!!! And Drake made it even more popular with his dancing skills. This song was on everyone's play list and Christmas sweaters.

*No one expects Kanye West to be so funny. Well he playfully audition for American Idol judges during the 15th season. Did he make it to Hollywood?


*Not a big Justin Beiber fan but he released a song. yay. And Ms. Adele released her hit song "Hello". It sold a million copies in one week. No one, NO ONE has sold that much that fast, EVER!!!!! Not even Michael Jackson!!!

*Taylor Swift is getting sued again for $42 million dollars. Someone said that she stole their lyrics from her hit single "Shake it Off". People need to learn a lesson from Robin Thicke. Give credit to where credit is due.

*Charlie Sheen was the A list actor who has AIDS for about 4 years. And he was being extorted for money to keep the information quiet. Thankfully all of his sexual encounters was affected. AIDS isn't something to keep quiet about Mr. Sheen. 4 years is too long to keep it quiet. Not cool Charlie!

*Rock and ROll had inducted Cheap Trick, Chicago, Deep Purplem Steve Miller and NWA into their 2016 Hall of Fame.

*Top movies of December were Creed and of course Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Ending the year with a bang!!! Star Wars made $129 million opening day and byt he that Sunday the movie had grossed $238 million dollars.

* Bill Cosby was indicted in PA in an alleged sexual assault encounter with a woman 12 years ago!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah you read right, 12 years ago!! More on this at a later date.

Now I know I missed so many other hot topics and issues from the defeat of Manny Pacquiao, Ronda Rousey, the Racial tension and the presidential debates. This was just to touch a few things that we left behind in 2015. If I would to sit and write about every issues, it would take me all of 2016. But lessons were learned and still being learned. I don't go for the whole New Year New Me crap. Yeah I called it crap. That has become so clichĂ©. Why don't your new me begin when you open your eyes every morning and when you realize you were wrong. Well, either way I'm ready for this ride. I'm ready for the ride of my life in 2016. Are you? Lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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