Friday, March 11, 2016

Men vs. Women: Dress Code

In the next couple of weeks I will be writing about Men vs. Women in different areas. In this post I am looking at the dress code between the two sexes and next week I will tap into Men vs. Women in the workplace. Which sex do you think is superior? Or Equal maybe?

And the battle begins.

We have been battling this issue since the beginning of time. The dress code between men vs. women. Some may not see the issue that other women see when it comes to dress code. There was a time when women had to cover their bodies and wear long dresses and skirts, and blouses buttoned up to the top of the neck. If the skirt went above the calf it was frowned upon and God forbid if a woman wore pants it was disgraceful. The men always wore dress pants and and played in shorts. And if the weather gets too hot, the men could take off their shirts and walk outside in their t-shirts. But times has changed for both men and women but women are pushing the envelope even further.

Today, women can wear shorts, t-shirts, tank tops and V-neck shirts that doesn't require a bra to be worn. Men can continue to wear the same dress pants, shorts but now have jeans, be it skinny or baggy, joggers, or sweatpants. Much hasn't changed for men. They can walk outside freely baring their naked chest with just shorts or sweatpants on. But a women aren't allowed to do so. Well, why exactly is that? Why can't a woman walk down the street with just pants on baring her chest freely? It's because the breasts are seen as sexual pleasures. But there are women who wear booty cut shorts to the mall, where you can see a hint of the curve of her butt. That's pushing the envelope too.

Because of this men want their women to dress modestly; sexy but classy. Some men don't want their women to cover up their entire bodies as if it was the 50's all over again but want them to leave some to the imagination. Growing up women were told and taught how to dress. Some mothers would tell their daughters that if they dress provocative then they are asking for trouble. But how does a woman ask for trouble? If a woman want to wear short shorts and a tank top in the summer, its her right. If a woman want to wear leggings that accentuate the curves in her legs with a low cut cowl neck sweater in the winter, its her right. She's not asking for trouble. Being comfortable is what some women go for.

Now, it's a stretch for a woman to walk down the street topless. It isn't decent for a woman to just casually walk down the street topless. But there are numerous states that allow women to walk down the street topless if they want to. And New York is one of them? (But are we really surprised by that.) And they can't get arrested because they are protected by the laws. But it will turn heads.
The green colored states are those where top freedom is in effect.
The orange colored ones have amibiguous state laws on the matter.
The red colored ones are the ones where the mere showing of the female breast in public is illegal according to state law.

One interesting debate that I came across recently is women who are against their men wearing sweatpants and basketball shorts because they find it disrespectful. They don't want other women looking at their men's curve of the bulge. Just like what a woman wears, no matter what a man has on, women (married or not) are going to look toward the private area to see if they can get a glimpse of the bulge or curve. I wonder if the women who complain about their men revealing clothes, wear clothes that show a glimpse of their "curves" that was required for them to cover up decades ago by their counterparts? I'm quite sure they wear tank tops that hug their breasts or reveal a side boob, shorts that reveal their smooth, shaved legs, thighs and a cup butt. Or a dress that either hug their curves and reveal an ample amount of cleavage, even a hint or cleavage. Seemingly, this is one of the complaints women have concerning men's attire. There are others like sagging, or wearing jeans at the wrong occasion. But no matter how you cut it the men will always prevail in the dress code.

Women have a stronger sex appeal than men and catches the eyes of many. Women will continue to push the mark until they leave little to no imagination while going through their everyday life. Women have more more to cover up than a man. Sure he just have to be concerned about that "curve" if it bothers his woman but women still have to be more mindful of more than one body part. No matter how much women try to push the mark toward the goal in mind to be equal in the dress code with men, we will never make it. Our bodies are just too powerful for any man to handle which is why we have no other choice to lose this battle and to cover up those vital parts.

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