Sunday, July 10, 2016

Can't Stay Calm

During the last couple of days this country, the USA, experienced another heartbreaking tragedy involving police brutality which ended the lives of Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile. Police brutality in the USA has become so out control that the Bahamas has issued an travel advisory to their citizens who are planning to travel to the USA in mist of them celebrating their Independence Day. 
I wouldn't be surprised if other counties begin to follow suit. There has been numerous of protests around the USA, as well as overseas like London, that are in raged about the heightened police brutality against black people.

As a black American woman, I feel the tension when I am in the area that is known as predominately white. But my greatest fear is for my son who is a 13 year old, 5'9 black male who is in high school. He has a set of diverse friends and is very active in sports. He is a great kid that never gave me a hard time, stayed out of trouble, and has always been respectful to adults. He is also the type of kid who would befriend someone who is being bullied. He has always had a big heart. But with recent events, me and his step-dad had to sit down and talk to him about what has transpired once again. Walking into his room, I told him that we needed to talk to him because another innocent black male was murdered by the police. His eyes shot wide open. As we spoke to him, I was holding back my frustration and tears because here I am having the "reinforce" conversation with my son about growing up black in America.

It's scary that his life is threatened everyday because of the color of his skin. I never thought that I would ever have to have this conversation with my son when he was born. My "counterparts" doesn't 
have to have this conversation with their kids. They can walk out the house, go to the store, and get pulled over by the cops without being harassed and make it home ALIVE. I know that not all police officers are racists and are not out to cause harm to minorities. But there are plenty of corrupt cops that are getting away with murder by placing them on paid administrative leave, probation, house arrest and given their badges and firearm back. We have the Black Lives Matter and there are people who are against it or feel as though All Lives Matter. It is true that All Lives Matter, but when one particular life is in jeopardy and is constantly attacked, then that life matters. And at this time, that has always existed... black people lives has always been on jeopardy and is in constant attack. 

At the end of the day, everyone wants peace. I want peace. I want peace of mind that my son, husband, father, brother, uncles and cousins will come home safe at the end of their day. So, I can't keep calm. As a black American mom, wife, daughter, sister, niece and cousin, I may never keep calm.

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